What is Included with Your Photoshoot

Your Booking Agreement, Confirmation Email and Invoice list exactly what is included with your Photoshoot

You should be aware of what is included with your photoshoot. We list exactly what is included in your photoshoot in our online pricing pages and it is again on your Booking Agreement confirmation and your Invoice. Therefore, No Surprises.

Custom Designed Photoshoots

First thing included with your photoshoot is that your photography session is customized for you. Because it is important to us to give you the looks and styles you like and want.

Using different photographic lighting and techniques, we can photograph you in a myriad of styles, . However, if we can see examples of what that look and style is, we can give you what you want and expect. The written word is open to interpretation, so we ask that you show us example photos you can find online of the look and style you want from the photos we do. Then, we can give you what you want.

High Quality Photos using High Quality Photography Equipment

We use full frame Canon cameras, high-quality lenses and a wide range of professional lighting equipment. Your photos will be technically correct and of top quality.

High Resolution Files and No Watermarks

All digital files are without any logos or watermarks. You can download them in high-resolution and in a variety of Internet resolutions and sizes perfect for email and social media.

Quick Delivery Time

Your images are almost always uploaded with 96 hours, and usually sooner.  All of your photos are put into private online galleries where you can view and download them. The images from the session are available for at least 90 days.

Computerized Retouching is Included

Computerized retouching (skin smoothing – not Photoshop retouched), culling and editing with basic cropping, and color and contrast control is included for all images. Computerized retouching when combined with makeup is often all that is needed. Photoshopping on a set number of client favorite images is included in your photoshoot. A la kart Photoshop retouching is always available if needed or desired.

Retouching and Other Services Available at Great Rates

Image retouching, photo albums, books, calendars, comp or zed cards, copyrights transfers etc., are all available A la carte.

If you have the skill you can do your own retouching, books, calendars etc. You will have the high-resolution files and you have our written permission in your Booking Agreement.

Online Galleries with easy downloading of images

You can download all of your photos in high-resolution digital files (all with included self-printing rights). You can download them in just a couple of mouse clicks. If you need web resolution files for email and social media you can download them as well.

Make Your Own Prints, or Have Prints Made Direct From Your Galleries.

If you prefer having us do your prints you can order them right from your online galleries, at reasonable prices.

Get Makeup and Hair – or Not – Your Choice

Christiné does great makeup and hair. She did the hair and makeup on 99% of the photos on our website. Her website is fotolook.com Her makeup and hair styling, to your specifications, is included in the session fee.

She is there for every shoot assisting and will monitor your session and help with wardrobe and styling changes. If you don’t want Christiné to do your makeup or want to have it done elsewhere, you can, however it will not change the photoshoot pricing.

We highly recommend professional makeup for best results and to minimize post shoot retouching and its costs. Blemishes, dark eye circles, skin discoloration and ruddiness concealed by makeup is then concealed in EVERY photo – if not… retouching will need to be done on every photo that you want.