If you are younger and fit it will be enough.

Computerized retouching is included in all sessions at no additional cost. Computerized Retouching smoothes and adds a slight glow to the skin. It is probably sufficient for small prints and younger subjects, men, and children, where no heavy lines exist and reshaping is not required.

Computerized Retouching is not Photoshopping of an image.

Photoshop is a very sophisticated and complicated software that requires skilled human interaction to make it work.

Computerized retouching is done by the computer alone…

Computerized retouching is done with specialized software that uses algorythms to smooth the skin areas while minimizing the degradation of the overal image. That is its sole purpose. This type of retouching is often satisfactory for younger subjects. It will minimize blemishes and lines evenly to all skin areas. It will add a slight velvety “soft focus” look to the images. The stronger the settings the more the lines will be removed, however the images will tend to appear more unnatural.

Computer retouching will not change the shape or color of anything in the images.

It cannot correct, straighten, thin, shrink, enlarge, lift, enhance, minimize, or totally eliminate lines, stretchmarks, heavy cellulite, birthmarks, moles etc. Photoshop in the hands of a skilled user is the only way to correct those issues.