Owning and controlling your photos, especially boudoir photos, is of utmost importance for many.

Some of our clients want nothing more than to show their photos to the world! We shoot many models and entertainers, and others looking for great photos to promote themselves — on social media sites and on their private or business websites.

Our Portfolios and Social Media Posts are our very best advertising and marketing tools

All of the images we create are of value to us. We always end up with great shots and we always would like to “show off” work that we are proud of. We pick our portfolio images carefully and would never put photos in our public portfolio that we feel would compromise our clients or their reputations.

However, we realize that many of our clients do not want anyone to see their photos

However, we realize that many of our clients are not models or entertainers and they do not want anyone to see their photo unless they are the ones showing them. We understand the need many have for privacy, especially when it comes to boudoir style of images, and that some of our clients, for a variety of reasons do not want *any* of the photos that we create of them to go on either LasVegasStudios.com or Christiné’s FotoLook.com websites or any of our Social Media pages, or to be made public in any way — no matter the content of the images.

For those that want their photos “Totally Private”, we offer a “For Your Eyes Only” Sessions.

This option includes “Full Ownership and Transfer of All Copyrights” option with their photo session. Copyright transfers the ownership and includes the possession of all existing image files including all existing High-Resolution files. Once we are notified that the client has received the files and has made a backup and no longer need us to do any production work on the photos or make any prints, we delete all files from our computers. The client will have the only copies of the photos and have total control of them.

If the client prefers we can also shoot on a fresh compact flash card and give them the card at the end of the shoot. The photos would be totally unedited and they will probably need adjustments to color and contrast and cropping to look their best, but your images would never leave your eyes.