A headshot might only take 20-30 minutes of actual photography time however a professional model portfolio session, or a pinup, glamour or centerfold style session can go 8 hours or even longer with makeup, hair and multiple setups, backgrounds, locations, and looks and styles.

The makeup and hair prep takes time… good fashion/glamour makeup that will look great in all lighting setups, with smokey eyes, lashes etc., is an art that can take an hour or more, and hair can take another hour, and changes in hair and makeup usually require about 20-30 minutes or so each, depending on how complicated the hair styling.

The photography time for each setup is usually 20-45 minutes each. Setup and lighting tweaks and changes take a bit of time as I will customize the lighting on all setups as needed to compliment and accentuate the looks and styles requested by the client. Some lighting and set styles take longer to set up and fine tune than others. Complicated lighting setups like for Playboy centerfold types of “Looks’ will often have 7-8 or more different lights to setup, and that may need a bit of tweaking to get perfect. Whereas a simple one light “fashion look” can be setup quickly.