We are happy to provide photo services for groups and parties and events in the client’s location. However we do not do larger groups and parties in our studio. For non-commercial jobs we restrict the number of people in our studio to a maximum of 3.

If you are having a bachelorette party, or a birthday bash and you want us to do shoots on the birthday girl or bride-to-be or all the members of the party we recommend you get a hotel suite or other event venue. The suite size should be big enough (of at least 750 sq. ft.) for everyone in your party and with sufficient clear additional space for doing the makeup and hair and with nice areas to do the photo shoots.

Most suites in the better hotels have a selection of good areas with pleasing backgrounds for doing photos for small groups and parties. They also will usually have out-of-the-way areas not needed for photos that can be used for doing the makeup and hair.

The number of people in the groups and parties will dictate how large of a suite or venue is needed. Keep in mind that shooting large groups in the hotel areas indoors or outdoors requires permission from the hotel and it is not easily acquired. Permission would need to be secured by the client.