Booking Agreement

PROMISSOR: Look International

John and Christiné Copeland – (702)248-1398,
3065 South Torrey Pines Drive, Las Vegas Nevada 89146

PROMISEE(Client) is 18 yrs or older and must understand and agree to the terms of this agreement

DEPOSIT: A Deposit of 50% of the base photography/makeup package fee is required for all advance bookings. The deposit will be applied towards the total session fees.

CANCELLATION POLICY:. In making payment of your deposit you acknowledge that in the case of cancellation:

— If cancelled with a 60+ days notice, we will refund your deposit minus 10% to cover credit card and processing fees. — If cancelled 16 to 60 days prior to booking date, a cancellation fee of 25% of the deposit.
— If cancelled 5 to 15 days prior booking date, a cancellation fee of 50% of the deposit.
— If cancelled within 5 days of your booking date and time, the deposit is not refundable.

POSTPONEMENTS: Postponements will result in re-booking fees dependent on the date of notification, and if we have turned down bookings for the date and time and are unable to secure new bookings within the time frame.

AVAILABILITY AND BOOKINGS: Availability is not guaranteed without an acceptance of the terms and conditions of this agreement and our receipt of your deposit.

THE PHOTOS: Subject/Client is allowed printing and personal publication rights to all digital image files of all resolutions in their possession providing any publication is for the sole promotion of the subject/client or their personal or portfolio uses or personally owned business(es). (any questions by any photo lab or print facility regarding client’s rights for publication can be directed to: John Copeland, 702-248-1398, )


– Per International Copyright laws, unless negotiated otherwise, as a "For Your Eyes Only", a “Work for Hire” agreement, or the purchase of shared Copyright with full permissions, all Copyrights remain with the creator (FOTO LOOK INTERNATIONAL, aka:LasVegasStudios, aka: John Copeland). Unless copyrights are purchased and a copyright release agreement given the photos are for the subject/client’s personal use, promotion and or personal business marketing only.
– No Commercial 3rd party use is allowed, unless session is booked as “Work for Hire” or a Copyright is purchased or negotiated.
– Portfolio Marketing Use: unless negotiated otherwise, as a "For Your Eyes Only", a “Work for Hire” agreement, or the purchase of shared Copyright with full permissions, all Copyrights remain with the creator (FOTO LOOK INTERNATIONAL, aka:LasVegasStudios, aka: John Copeland). John Copeland and Christiné Copeland, Foto Look International, AKA: LasVegasStudios, retain the rights to use client photos they select and determine as portfolio samples and marketing use for their businesses (also no 3rd party use allowed).

In such case photos with nudity would never be used without client’s permission.

TOTAL PRIVATE OWNERSHIP OF ALL PHOTOS – Clients who do not wish to have *any* of their photos published in our portfolio are required to book their session as "For Your Eyes Only" a “Work for Hire” or purchase a “Full Copyright Transfer” which includes all of the full high resolution files and the full copyright ownership to all files. Price will be at the current price for Work for Hire or Copyright Transfer as listed on the website.

ONLINE GALLERIES, INCLUDED PRINTS, RETOUCHING AND PRICING: Digital image files of all final photos will be made available to client by zip file download and/or posted online in a dedicated password protected gallery, usually within 72-96 hours of the session date. These proof images have basic editing and color and contrast controlled, but are not retouched. They are not watermarked. (We do request, but not require, a credit or “tag” if published on social media)
– Upon the completion of your order, high resolution images of all finished, retouched and edited images as well as the original unedited images will be available for download from our website. If preferred you can pick them up on a CD/DVD for a fee of $25. Mailing a CD is $10 additional.

LIABILITY: John Copeland and Christiné Copeland, Foto Look International AKA: LasVegasStudios, and/or their employees will make every effort to produce the finest quality images possible, however, client agrees to hold harmless from all liability connected with the photography session, in the case of a computer failure or other cause, including negligence, or unauthorized access or publication of the client’s photos or online galleries, server failure or any situation that results in the loss or compromise of all or a portion of the photos, damages are limited to the original cost of services.

Shooting on Location has an additional cost depending on where

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