Our clients come in all shapes and sizes and all have their own concept on the look and style of the photos they want to do. It would be impossible for us to maintain wardrobe for every possible style and size that might be wanted.

We do have wardrobe and accessories items, but certainly not in every size and style so we always suggest our clients provide their own wardrobe. That way they get exactly what they want, and in the right sizes and it will fit with the concept of their photoshoot. It also makes the changing times much faster and allows for more shooting time.

We often provide some of the wardrobe. We don’t however have a huge selection of different styles or a variety of sizes. We have pretty good selection of ’80’s and ’90’s accessories — scarves, jewelry, hats, boas and similar items, and we have a variety of backdrops, and some furnishings available. We can make great photos in standard studio type location with a wide variety of photo backgrounds and furnishings.  In spring, summer and fall we have some great outdoor settings available and furnishings that can be used to create a variety of settings.

So, to make sure the client gets the look and styles wanted it is best for them to bring the wardrobe items they want to be photographed in.

Generally because of the intimate nature of lingerie and other clothing items the model supplies her own wardrobe and any special props she may want. if you want some kind of special props we can probably find it in this town. We do work with a great stylist for commercial shoots that could put together anything you want, however wardrobe stylist fees and wardrobe rental costs can easily exceed the cost of your photoshoot, makeup and hair.

If you are wanting to do a Lingerie, Pin-up, or themed glamorous style of photoshoot,

you might want to look through the following websites for wardrobe and prop ideas.

And of course if you’ve never shopped at Trashy Lingerie… you haven’t yet lived. 😉
Some of the the wildest and best quality(but certainly not the cheapest) lingerie, and sexy themed costumes you will ever find…they have a large celebrity client base, and you will understand why if you spend some time on their website.