Makeup for Still Photography and Video

Well executed makeup for photography is a must. 

We shoot everything in a High Resolution.

 Our cameras and lenses are of the highest quality and they don’t miss a detail. if there are flaws in the makeup, they will be visible in most every photo. We can retouch out sloppy or poorly done makeup, however it will need to be done on every single photo – that can get expensive.

If makeup is done cleanly, correctly and perfectly to begin with, retouching of makeup will be minimal if needed at all.

We use high powered photographic lighting to help lighten facial lines. Our lighting, especially in our boudoir, beauty, fashion and glamour styles, will wash out normal street makeup, and doing bad makeup, just heavier, makes the problem worse.

Makeup for still photography, especially for headshots, is the most difficult of all.

Unlike film, TV and video, where the subject is always moving, every still photo is frozen in time and any flaw in the makeup is there, staring back at you at every viewing.

Christiné has been doing makeup for my photography for almost 30 years. She has hundreds of published photos for magazine covers, layouts, poster, calendars, centerfolds and videos. Not only has she done all the makeup and hair on our photography websites, she has much more to show on her own website,

Christiné knows what needs to be done to make you and your photos as beautiful as possible. Her work has changed the lives of many of the women she has worked with. Letters and notes of thank you from her past clients are never ending.

“In Beauty, Glamour, and Fashion, good makeup is more  important as good photography –”  — John Copeland – photographer