John Copeland a top Las Vegas Photographer

— John Copeland a top Las Vegas Photographer for Glamour Boudoir and Fitness —

John Copeland-1My name is John Copeland and I specialize in shooting  Fitness, Glamour and Boudoir and am one of the Top Photographers in Las Vegas. I started with photography at age 18 while a soldier in Vietnam and have been photographing women of all ages, shapes and sizes as my only “work” since 1978. I worked as a Staff Photographer for the US edition of Penthouse magazine during its biggest years from 1978 to 1984 and on the staff of the German edition of Penthouse 1981-1985 and on staff of German Playboy magazine from 1985 through most of 1987. During that time I shot hundreds of magazine layouts, centerfolds and covers for the International Men’s Magazine market including the American and International editions of Penthouse and centerfolds, pictorials and covers for German Playboy.


In 1984 I moved to Munich Germany to work as the staff photographer for the German edition of Penthouse magazine until leaving to work for the German Playboy in 1986.   In 1987 I married my beautiful and talented wife, Christiné, who had been the studio assistant at Penthouse and my makeup artist and hair stylist while producing layouts for the German Playboy.

In November of 1987 we moved back to Los Angeles and set up a commercial photo studio on La Brea Avenue just south of Hollywood.  I began producing my own centerfold layouts and syndicating them to magazines around the world.  It was a great time for this.  Models were readily available and I had many connections for selling limited and specific rights to many different men’s magazines in different countries and languages around the world. We also did many actor’s and model’s headshots, portfolios, and portraits of all types as well as commercial jobs.  We worked with PR companies and found ourselves also doing a lot of Southern California business women.  We would do business “portrait” shoots for their professional use, and then Christiné would give them a glamorous look and I would photograph them as if they were celebrities or models….. something wild and glamorous just  for their personal use.  It was a lot of fun for us and the clients loved the experience. We never expected that these “Make-Over Shoots” would become the large part of our work that it is today.

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In 1994 after two years of unrest in Los Angeles we decided it was maybe time to leave LA.  The riots of 1992 and earthquake in January 1994 took a toll on our studio neighborhood and even though I grew up in L.A. I wanted to move on. A friend suggested we look into setting up a photography studio in Las Vegas.  We made several trips, found a great house and moved to “Vegas” in June of 1994.  It turned out to be a wonderful decision.   We set up a studio just off the Las Vegas strip and went right back into working as we had in LA — except now as a “Las Vegas Photographer”.

In 1995 I discovered the Internet. I was being frequently approached to sell my photos to a bunch of new start-up Internet sites.  In 1992 I had already licensed large numbers of my Playboy style images from my independent productions for some of the first CDs of that type ever produced. I didn’t quite understand how or why it all worked at the time, but the royalties from sales especially from Japan had been huge. Having no idea what I was about to get into, I decided to start my own Internet business. I contacted a long time friend who was always looking for new adventures and Pixotna Productions Inc. was born.  It began a new chapter in my life.  Like many at the time, we hoped to become Internet millionaires. That did not happen, however it was an amazing experience to get so deeply involved in such a new and challenging field. It was a tremendous amount of work, and I found myself shooting less and running the business more. The first years had great promise but as the world got involved and hackers and criminals entered the industry the promise quickly faded. It became incredibly demanding and from 2000 to 2005 I had little time for photography… It was one of the most difficult and unhappy periods of my life.

John Copeland-2After almost 10 years shooting less and less every year, sitting on the computer way too much, I finally “extracted” myself from the Internet business.   In 2005 we started I had learned a lot about building and hosting websites and I still had been shooting content for our sites but I wanted and needed to again devote more time working together with Christiné, and get back doing my photography full time. I had registered the domain name LasVegasStudios many years prior and decided I should put it to use. We still have our own dedicated web server and I still do web hosting and a bit of website design and maintenance for some long time friends and family.  I still enjoy working on computers and the Internet, but as cliché as it sounds, photography has always been my one overriding passion and doing Portrait, Glamour, Fitness and Boudoir Photography here in Las Vegas is what I love doing.

Time goes quickly and I love to keep busy. When I am not shooting, editing shoots or working on our websites and all of the other responsibilities of self employment, I am spending as much time as possible keeping our house and yard in order and try to find times for going through my 30+ years of photo archives. With over 300,000 images in my archives it is a never ending job organizing, cataloging, scanning and restoring early works. I used to think that my images from the 70s, 80s and 90s would be of some value down the line in the gallery, fine art, nostalgia, photography market, but now I just look at it as a vanity project that I will surely never finish in my lifetime.

 In April of 2011 I got a “New Lease on Life”. After many years of pain from a progressively worsening arthritic hip I had a total left hip replacement. All the years of schlepping equipment and moving furniture around and building photo sets, followed buy years of sitting at the computer had taken its toll.  The surgery was a great success and even though it took 5 years of complaining to get it approved, I thank Dr. Briggs and the Veteran’s Administration in Las Vegas for their great work and for giving me a “new lease” on life. Since then I have been able to resume a full work schedule and feel great. I did weight watchers for 8 months and got my weight back down to my 1980’s weight from before I quit smoking. I have put some of it back on but I try mind my diet.

Christiné is a great cook and I enjoy cooking as well.  It is relaxing for us. She cooks healthy meals, I like baking the desserts.  We enjoy our Cabernet and Zinfandel, and watching a bit of TV when we can. I am a big college football fan (Go Ducks!, C’mon Rebels!) and I still like to watch the kids on the talent shows giving it their all in search of stardom. We don’t have children but have had some great cats during our time together and currently have a couple of rescue kitties that have turned into big strong old cats, and and in 2014 got a funny cartoon dog Shih tzu mix named Lola that keeps us smiling…. and who has added a whole new dimension to our lives.

Making great photos never gets old.  Every shoot is a new experience and we love it when our clients challenge us to give them the photos they have always dreamed to have done.  It keeps us young and always experimenting and trying new things.  We are fortunate and we appreciate every day.
–John Copeland

— 1977 – 1995 PENTHOUSE – American, Australian and German editions – 150+ pictorials, 65+ centerfolds, 50+ covers.
— 1978 – 1995 PENTHOUSE – All other International editions – over 65 pictorials, 35 centerfolds, 30 covers.
— 1986 – 87 – PLAYBOY Germany – 9 pictorials, 5 gatefolds, 5 covers.
— 1990 – PLAYBOY Australia – 5 pictorials
— 1978 – PRESENT – over 500 published features, Centerfolds, and covers in leading men’s magazines around the world.
— 1992 – 94 — Heavenly Bodies I, II, III, IV, V, VI CD ROM discs an anthology of early works.
— Various portraits, still life, Calendars, posters and advertising work.
— 4 images from German Penthouse on tour with “German National Art Museum’s” exhibit: “The Nude in Photography”
— Featured: ABC Los Angeles Affiliate: “Eye on L.A.” Eye on Centerfolds, 1981
— Featured: The Girls of PENTHOUSE #6, “The Erotic Photography of John Copeland”, 1982
— Featured: “Ibiza, Sonne, Licht, und Huebsche Maedchen” German COLOR FOTO magazine Feb. 1985
— Featured: “Shooting a PLAYBOY Cover” German PHOTOGRAPHIE magazine, Aug. 1986
— Featured: Profile and Portfolio “Maedchen” German PHOTOGRAPHIE magazine, 1986
— Featured: “Under our Roof” PLAYBOY documentary,German Television 1 ARD, 1987
— Featured: “The Best of John Copeland” Australian PENTHOUSE Feature, Oct. 1994
— Founded: PIXOTNA Productions Inc. Adult Oriented Internet Development Company 1995
— Profiled: EXOTIC DANCER Magazine, Photographer Profile, Summer 1996
— Started: — Adult Internet Content Production and Licensing 199
— Started: — Adult Content Lease Galleries 2000.
— Started: — Internet Hosting, Website Design, Programming, 2002
— Started: “Centerfold Photography — 2002” Seminar-Workshops
— Started: “” — 2006 – Present