Due to the Covid-19 virus and the fact that I am in a High Risk age group and am currently under medical care, I will not be doing any photoshoots or provide any photographic services until further notice.

Thank you for your understanding.

John H Copeland Jr. Photographer.

We have great careers. Christiné and I love making our clients look beautiful and sexy! We are influenced by both the older classic styles of pinup photography as well as the modern and dynamic glamour and fashion looks of today. If they want we can give them the slick, polished, “Centerfold / Porn Star box cover” glossy look or a Forties Style Black and White Glamorous image.

Every shoot and every client brings us something new and fresh, with their own ideas, their own styles and their own faces and figures…. We try to show our clients as they want to see themselves, and as we see them…. using all of the makeup, hair, lighting and other techniques we have available.

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Strong Women from the Past 

Sexy Glamor and Boudoir Photography in Las Vegas is a part of the culture of the city.

From the early days of gangsters and showgirls, the topless revues and the risque shows, to today’s multi-million dollar venues, starring the likes of Beyoncé, Madonna, Celine. Glamour and sexy images are synonymous with Las Vegas. The glitz and flash are visible everywhere. Visitors come from all over the world to partake in gambling, partying, and entertainment. So why not take a bit of the glamour and fun back home with you? in the way of high end, classy, elegant glamour or boudoir photos.

Sexy Glamour From the Past 


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A Little History – Pinup, Glamour, Centerfold and Boudoir Photography

We owe the Greeks a note of thanks

Nude and partially clothed human figures have been depicted in art probably long before we have any records of it. The Greeks were the first to make substantial lasting glorifying memorials to the human form with statues of their athletes. Most were of males in positions of dominance and strength.

Only later did you see the female figure in Greek art. Like the male, they were all of the perfect proportions, youthful and athletic however they were more modest and in their poses and often partially covered by hand or drapery.

Getting Better all the time

What has happened in boudoir photography is an acceptance,  progression, and openness that evolved into the pinup art and to the glamourized perfection and overt sexuality of the centerfold as in Playboy magazine of the ’90s, into the boudoir of today where all body types and styles are appreciated.

Muscular women, curvy women, and mature women are more popular than ever before.  Pinup, Glamour, Centerfold and Boudoir Photography is more popular than ever and it has no limits of shape, size, ethnicity, or gender. It is truly liberated.

Betty Page 50s Glamour Girl 

Glamour and Boudoir Photography has been around since long before the development of the first cameras, and the semi-clad or partially nude and seductive female form has been the favorite subject of artists since the first records of man.

Early photographers were very limited and finding models was not always easy. The cameras were large, bulky, expensive and complicated and before film, the images were made on specially treated photosensitive glass plates. Developing the images was also difficult. The final images were not very clear and the lenses were not very sharp. 

Sexy Stockings and Garters 

Great Photos Brings Great Success

“Where there is a will, there is a way” and early on in the entertainment business, film stars and their agents and producers soon discovered the success that came from having glamorous photos of their clients. A “photo is worth a thousand words” and beautiful, idealized, romanticized and glamorized photos made household names of many celebrities of the 20’s, 30’s and on up today. Photographers could use special posing, lighting and retouching techniques to make “stars” out of the most ordinary of women.  During World War II many soldiers found sexy, pinup photos of “Hollywood” starlets inspirational and comforting.  Something to live for.

50s Pinup Photo

50s Pinup Photo

Many of their favorites Pinup girls went on to become well-known actresses. After the war “Art” magazines, and “Nudist Lifestyle” publications allowed for ever more revealing photos to work their way into a still very conservative world. These publications while “pure”, even naive by today’s standards, were often banned and considered illegal in many parts of the country. Still, the hunger for ever more revealing images continued. The Strip-Tease and Burlesque nightclubs found their way into the cities and sexy photos of their stars became popular pinups. Gypsy Rose Lee, Tempest Storm, and Lily St. Cyr and Betty Page stirred the imagination of many young men. Las Vegas became known as Sin City and topless revues brought tourist from around the country.

Visit the Official websites for Gypsy Rose Lee, Tempest Storm, Lily St. Cyr, and Bettie Page

Anita Ekberg

My earliest recollection and fascination with Sexy Glamour models was probably around the age of 10 or 11 when TV guide had a little feature on the new European wave of “Sex Stars”.

This was around 1958 and they had photos of Gina Lollobrigida, Sophia Loren and Anita Ekberg among others. I was mesmerized by Anita Ekberg the photo of her in the TV guide gave me feelings I had never had before. I thought she was the most beautiful thing I ever saw. I kept that TV guide for long time.

Playboy Magazine Changes American Culture

In the mid 50’s Hugh Hefner’s Playboy magazine brought female nudity to the American public.

He aimed his publication at middle America and brought not only photos, but a philosophy of life that changed America, and the world forever. Playboy celebrated the female form. He hired the best commercial photographers and booked the most beautiful and voluptuous models he could find.

By the mid-60’s it seemed every gas station, frat house, or teen age male’s bedroom either had Playboy centerfolds on their wall or hidden somewhere nearby safe from prying eyes. The photos were very well done and the models exceptional. Marilyn Monroe was his first “Gatefold” and her best “exposure” yet. The 1960’s brought America into a new age. We were having growing pains and we saw our leaders and those we admired assassinated. We went to the moon and more and more began to question the culture of America. “Questioning Authority” and asking why? Rebelliousness was causing a divide between the old guard and newer generations that questioned their rules and their way of life. We found ourselves in a war that we did not understand and Americans found thousands of their friends, sons, and family dying in a war they did not understand. It was a time when the world was in turmoil and you had the “Love, and Peace” hippies, questioning everything — versus the “America Love it or Leave it” status quo.

Centerfold Photography

Playboy Changes Everything

Centerfolds push Pinup photos aside

In the late 60’s Penthouse magazine arrived on the scene, and the race was on.

In London, a young American artist name Bob Gucionne was trying to start a new men’s magazine on a minimal investment. He did something that had never been done in a newsstand publication. He included women with full frontal nudity, artistically photographed and prominent in his magazine. The photographic style was reminiscent of French impressionist painters, soft, romantic images, but these were photos of real women — not paintings — and totally nude. He was soon jailed. The publicity generated by both the explicitness and the attempt at artistic interpretation of sensuality and sexuality created a lot of interest, and in 1969 Penthouse began publication in the U.S. as a more sexual competition to Playboy.

With a new liberated approach to sexuality, advances in photography and new types of lighting equipment, the photography of women took a stylistic change. Pinup photography slowly fell by the wayside, becoming a nostalgic, and quaint niche, that only recently has found its footing once again.

First Edition of US Penthouse magazine

First Edition of US Penthouse magazine

shooting my first semi-nudes

shooting my first semi-nudes 😉

My Vietnam Pinup

My Vietnam Pinups

I was a soldier in Vietnam in 1967 – 1969

I was a soldier in Vietnam in 67 – 69 and while Playboy was the mainstay, the new magazine called Penthouse with their more erotic style really caught everyone’s attention.

I worked in the photo lab of a mapping unit and had bought a Nikon camera while there. I really liked photography and took a lot of photos there and also when I came home on leave. I did my first sexy photos of women during those Vietnam years. I had always been good at art and liked to draw pictures of sexy girls from cartoons and comic books – and the camera made it all come to life.

I pursued Photography when I got out of the Army 

I got out of the Army in 1970 and moved to the beach in Santa Monica shortly thereafter. In 1972 I enrolled as a commercial photography student at Santa Monica College. I worked as graphic arts cameraman at a Santa Monica newspaper during much of the time and spent the rest at school. It was the 70’s, and everybody was pretty much into everything that was wild and crazy.  I found no problem finding willing models for my school assignments as well as doing my early attempts at Playboy, Penthouse style glamour and centerfold photos. I photographed my girlfriends in that time in sexy, pinup styles and we found it exciting and loved the results.

I was hooked…

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