I became interested in doing fitness and bodybuilder photography after having a hip replacement in April of 2011, I Joined LVAC and met some great people there, and have been shooting fitness photography in Las Vegas since that time.



Fitness Photos by LasVegasStudios.com

Fitness Photos by LasVegasStudios.com

I began going to the gym as part of my rehabilitation. I had led a pretty sedentary life style leading up to the surgery and was in pain a lot of the time and I had ballooned up to 285 lbs., which even at 6’4″ was huge.  After the surgery I was determined to get my weight back down to my post Army weight of of 210. I did the rehab religiously and after the rehab I joined LVAC to continue on my own. It was there where I met some very inspirational people that were changing their lives and the lives of others.

Beckie Boddie in 2012

Beckie Boddie in 2012

Beckie Boddie in 2012

Beckie Boddie in 2012

I wanted to document the work and capture the art they created.

I had been doing glamour photography and nudes of women for many years, and I had done photos of a few male bodybuilders and athletes, but I had never really worked much with the muscular female form. Going regular to the gym I saw and met some truly amazing women with very muscular physiques. I watched as they worked over the months to lose the weight and become fit and strong.

I wanted to do photos for them that would be a testament to the hard work they regularly did and the dedication that they had to their bodies. It is amazing the way an individual can sculpt their shape and form with a combination of diet and exercise. Part of the reward is to see it looking back at you in the mirror, but the other should be to document it forever, in great photos, with lighting that will bring out the individual muscles, that will show the figure’s overall shape and form to it’s maximum.

Angela Sexy Fit Bodies 

Myranda Watkins with dumbells

Myranda Watkins with dumbells

To bring out the shape and form of the human body and at the same time have the face looking beautiful, the light must be almost perfect. The best light for the figure is quite different than the most flattering light for faces, and of course we want you looking absolutely your best from top to bottom. This where my years shooting centerfold models for Penthouse and Playboy have trained my eye and honed my lighting skills. Do I shoot a bit sexy because of that? Yeah probably,… but you will look great in your photos! .. and lets face it there is nothing sexier than well trained body – male or female.

Why You Should Shoot With Us

David in Black and White

David in Black and White

Leland workout setup

Leland 1st setup


There are thousands of personal trainers, fitness models, competitors, dancers and entertainers in the country all vying for the same clientele, the same “brass rings”. If you are a trainer, your body and it’s condition is a reflection of your skills and talents. If you can’t make yourself look great, how can your clients expect you to make them look great? You can’t meet everyone in person and more often than not most people will initially “meet” you in your photos. On business cards, websites, model composites, your business portraits, headshots, fitness and figure photos to complete fitness portfolios are often your only advertising, and first impression is so very important. We can show you off to your best advantage no matter your needs.

Jumping Dancer 

Whirling Dancer 

“Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity.”

……..John F. Kennedy 

Fitness Photoshoot Pricing Info

Bridget lifts

Bridget Lifts

Wake up Kick Ass Repeat

Wake up Kick Ass Repeat

We work with you as a team

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Christiné’s makeup and hair and my lighting and posing techniques will give you the photos you have always wanted. We can give models, fitness competitors, athletes, and performers great shots for their portfolios. Models headshots and promotional photography is what we have done for many years. We had a studio in Hollywood during the late eighties and early nineties and shot hundreds of headshots and business portrait in that time. I learned early how important good makeup was to the final result. We know how women of all ages need to be photographed to bring out their best features. We can shoot you in any photographic style you would like — in the studio or on location, indoors or out.


– Our Pro Sessions include  approx 5 different major setup changes with different makeup looks, hairstyling changes and wardrobe and lighting changes in each, usually giving 6 to 10 different and unique looking styles of shots. They are a great and quick way for Individuals, Business persons, Models, Actors, Performers and Entertainers to put together a wide selection of images or even a full start-up portfolio, or add a large selection of some exciting new shots to an existing portfolio.


“The human body is the best picture
of the human soul”
…….. Ludwig Wittgenstein
Fitness Photography in Las Vegas

Amanda Delaurier working out in gym for fitness photohoot



– We shoot every type of person — soccer moms, doctors and lawyers — anyone who has worked hard to get their figures looking the best ever and are wanting something amazing as a present for a special someone – or often, just for themselves – celebrating a special time in their lives, that they want to keep and remember forever.

Some want to undergo the full “Photo Shoot Experience” complete with all the advantages celebrities get – but for their own personal reasons. Much of our finest work is never seen by the public. Our Custom Sessions produce dozens (often hundreds) of great shots of many different styles that the client wants. We don’t just do what we want. We have our clients show us what styles they like and what types of shots they want and we set about bringing those images to life with them as the model. “Custom Sessions” are perfect if you are looking to create an amazing Custom Photo Book — a true heirloom, our Photo Books of beautiful perfect images, in a magazine layout style and are something truly to be treasured forever.



Do you want to keep costs down? or just want to be photographed with a friend or have them with you for moral support? Custom and Custom Pro shoots can be booked with an additional friend to help cut the costs, with only a modest increase in makeup and hair fees. Ask us for a quote if this is something you want to do. We will also often discount 9:00am to 5:00pm Tues., Weds, and Thurs. mid-week custom photoshoots when booked not more than 5 days in advance.


AND YES…., We also shoot on Location

We are not limited to shooting in the studio at all. The areas around Las Vegas offer some beautiful backgrounds for photos.

We can combine Custom or Custom Pro shoots, with boyfriend/girlfriends at no additional photography costs. — We currently offer several basic types of sessions. Info and Rates for our Headshots, Portraits and Custom Sessions are HERE.
Call or email for a online consultation for planning your shoot, and if desired a face to face consultation is included in the price of the photo shoot.
— For quick and detailed answers to many questions go to our Frequently Asked Questions page.


“Love of beauty is taste.
The creation of beauty is art.”
………Ralph Waldo Emerson


Nothing is more beautiful than the human form and we can put together wonderful sensuous fine art styles photo series of men, women and couples that glorify, honor and pay homage to that resolve, dedication and special form of narcissism and vanity that make great people great, and causes some to become the best they can be. If you have an idea, or a concept you have always wanted to do, make the plan, book the shoot, and lets do it!


Fitness Enthusiasts Make for the Best Boudoir!

Dry Lake Bed photoshoot by Las Vegas 

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