Why would you want to own the copyright to your photos

There are many reasons for wanting to own the Copyright and image files.

When you own the Copyright…

When you own the Copyright you can use the photos for any legal purpose. They are yours and you will own and possess all images.

If you want 100% total control over any and all uses of your photos it is important to own the copyright.

— You want to have total ownership and control of your images for privacy or commercial reasons.Â
— Owning Copyright allows you to use the photos for any legal purpose, they are yours and you will own and possess all image files.
— You want to sell your photos as posters, prints.
— You want to give or sell the rights to your photos to a 3rd party for their commercial use.
— You are not a professional model, actor, entertainer, performer who could benefit from the exposure you would receive as part of our Portfolios, and you do not want us to use any of your photos in our portfolio or on our website.

These are all things where Ownership of Copyright is required.

Image of Copyright Transfer document

Copyright Transfer