Is bigger always better?!

What print size and style to order from your photo session.

The best print size is dictated by where they will be displayed. If you have a good home printer you can make your own prints from the your digital image files of satisfactory quality up to about 11″ x 14″. For the best quality and for sizes larger than that you will need to have them printed from higher resolution image files.

Framed Photographs – If you plan on displaying a photo in a standard frame size just keep in mind those normal sizes, or you may need to get a custom frame. If you don’t want a frame, photos mounted on a high density foam core board can be hung without framing. Framed prints should be mounted on mat board, styrene or in the case of prints larger that 11×14 on Gator foam core board for best stability, and matted if glass is used so the photo does not come in contact with the glass.

Photobooks are a great way to have your photos printed in an exciting combination of collages and large images. They can be ordered at 10″x10″ sizes or up to 16″x20″ in page sizes, and are often preferred for more personal styles of photos. The 12″ x 12″ and 11″ x 14″ books look amazing and allow for really large “centerfold” images, yet can be discreetly stored away and kept from prying eyes. We can put together amazing books from the photos from your session.

Large Prints – Most every image we produce is capable of making very large prints which can often, using special imaging techniques, be made into dramatic works of art. The Canvas Gallery Wraps take your photos and truly make them into fine art pieces.

The most important decision in deciding on the proper large print size is where the images will be displayed, how they fit into that space, and how far the viewer will normally be from the actual print.

If it will be in a hallway where the viewer will only be a foot or so away a 12 x18 is probably large enough… if you put a 40″x 60″ print there, it may be very dramatic but viewed at a distance of one foot you will not get the full effect… however if you will be viewing the same size image from 3 feet away or farther it would be fine.  If it is to be viewed from across a room larger Display Prints of sizes up to 40×60″ are recommended..