Christiné has no allegiance to any one brand.

She has tried about everything that she sees as ethical and uses all the best cosmetic and hair care products for the job, within certain guidelines.

She does not believe in testing cosmetic product on animals

Christiné avoids the use of products from companies that do. There are still some company’s that continue to do animal testing and it is not necessary when products do not contain dangerous or harmful chemicals.  She tries to use natural and vegan based products whenever she can.

There are many lists of brands that continue to test on animals.  You can find a list on many websites

She is a fanatic on cleanliness.

She uses stainless steel pallets for mixing and never “double dips” into products. She sanitizes all her tools and brushes after every client and uses disposable applicators for mascara and other items where practical.

Her makeup will last through most any length shoot and on into the night…

so you will still look great for the “after the shoot” night on the town! 🙂