Doing photography in hotel suites is a great advantage of working in Las Vegas.

We have great and photogenic hotels! Shooting at hotels has never been a problem. The hotels in Las Vegas can provide some beautiful  and luxurious backdrops. If you are looking for a rich interior location to make your photos very special you can always book a large (750sq ft. or larger) Suite at one of the hotels.

By researching your dates you can often get great deals on suites that would normally cost much more on weekends or during convention times and busy season.  July, August, November and December are slower tourist times in Las Vegas and the room rates become more negotiable. If you like to gamble book a normal room and then negotiate an upgrade to a fancy suite when you arrive.  If that suite is not being used you might get it for a song.

We can recommend some the better hotels to shoot in for the styles of photos you like.  Shooting in the comfort of your room allows you to begin and end your day stress-free and not have to deal with dragging your wardrobe to and from the shoot and taking taxis or Uber to our location. (about $20 each way from strip hotels) When the shoot is finished we pack up and leave. You will have a beautiful makeup and hair and be ready to go out and party, or just to spend a nice evening with your partner.

You may also want to look at Vacation rental private homes at  or  you can find great homes with beautiful pools that could make for great photos.

We do charge extra for location shoots for bring all our equipment, additional setup time, travel times, parking and gratuities.  Location shoots are normally $100 to $200 extra.