Is it OK to come in my normal makeup and hair?

Come to the session with your normal makeup and hair only if you are not wanting Christiné to do your makeup.

Sometimes clients will just want Christiné to do a clean up of their own makeup style to give the same look and feel for a business portrait or personal family photo.

Otherwise, please come to the shoot with NO makeup and DRY hair. Removing old makeup is time-consuming and can briefly distress the skin. A clean, well-moisturized skin (Las Vegas air is very dry) will take makeup the best.

For hair, Christiné prefers working on dry, “day-old hair”. Hair that contains a bit of leftover products, styles much better than freshly washed hair. She normally does not like styling freshly washed hair.

Do not use a hair straightening implement on your hair anytime between you last hair washing and your appointment date. Straightening hair makes it difficult to do anything else with it. If you normally straighten your hair talk with Christiné ahead of time.