No logos or watermarks on your photos

There was a time when we watermarked proofs but our current session packages includes all available images and the logo or watermark will NOT be on your photos.

There are no watermarks of any kind on the downloadable digital files included with sessions, prints, books, custom prints or photos in Photo Books.

In the case payment has not been made in full prior to uploading the photos for approval as might occur in retouch proofs or photobook proofs, those photos may be watermarked as PROOFS or SAMPLES but will be replaced with un-watermarked images once they have been approved and payment for services has been received.

In the case a special session would have watermarked proofs it will be spelled out clearly in writing, in the description on the site, in the booking agreement and on the invoice.

We do watermark and put logos on most photos on our websites, portfolios or if used on social media. This is to protect against unauthorized usage and protects not only us but our client as well.

We are a firm believer in protecting the images we produce and recommend our clients do the same when posting photos on a public forum or website.