Will your good lighting fix cellulite?

Our boudoir and glamour and fashion lighting is very forgiving and will minimize imperfections, including any cellulite.

Lighting can help – or it can hurt.

Low contrast and soft, open frontal lighting help minimize ALL flaws…. However, like with TV lighting it also gives the illusion of adding a bit of weight to the subject. The nice thing about this type of lighting, is if the subject is slender, our normal and included computerized retouching is often all that is needed.

Shadowy and dramatic side lighting tends to be more slimming and brings out the overall shape and form — However, it also shows more wrinkles and imperfections (such as cellulite and facial lines).  If you want shots with dramatic, high contrast shadowy side lighting, they will probably need Photoshop retouch work to get the skin  looking really nice, smooth and flawless. Our boudoir package sessions include some Photoshop retouched shots, and you can always add retouching of individual shots a la carte.

Be Sure to Check Out the FAQ:  What is a “Photo Look and Style” for more information on this.

Photoshop retouching can eliminate all or most of the above list issues: the illusion of added weight from soft, open lighting, and the more prominence of lines, wrinkles, and imperfections from shadowy side lighting.

Photoshop retouching is what really brings everything together and to perfection. A certain amount of retouching is needed on *everyone* to get a flawless look. Nobody (No Body) is perfect.