How much does a Photoshoot cost?

and What is Included?

We offer several basic sessions and of course, we can customize them to provide exactly what you need. Our sessions all include the high-resolution and Internet resolution files so you can make your own prints and save substantial dollars. We put everything in writing.  You know exactly what is included and the normal turn-around time to get your photos.

Some Questions to consider When Comparing Photoshoot Pricing 

— Is the price only for the session fee?
— Are Prints or Digital Files Included in the Price? How many?
— Will additional photos or digital files cost additionally? How much?
— Will you get the high-resolution files so you can make your own prints?
— How soon will you see your photos?
— Can you view them online? or must you come to the studio for a sales pitch?
— Are the photos or digital files included in the session watermarked?
— How much will the total cost be to get what you actually want?
— What is the cost for a Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist?
— Is Basic Retouching skin smoothing and softening of lines and wrinkles included?
— Is Photoshop retouching included? (Body slimming, face slimming, face and body lifts, high-end skin work)

Our Photoshoots All Include Full Disclosure

Choice of Photo Look/Style: Glamour-Fashion-Theatrical-Commercial-Business.
— Approximate Length of Photoshoot Session time
— number of different setups (setting, lighting style, and background changes.)
— Type of shots to be done with variety of poses and angles.
— Delivery time for Photos — Usually 24-72 hours depending on length of photoshoot
— Approximate number of good quality shots to expect.
— All Photos have basic cropping, color, and density corrections if needed.
— Computerized skin smoothing, wrinkle reduction on all photos
— The number of photos, of your choice included, to get Professional Photoshop Retouching
— Free Downloading of ALL images (with no logos or watermarks) in high resolution.
— Private online galleries on our website, for a minimum of 90 days.
— Printing rights to ALL images.