We give High Resolution image files on all sessions.

If you want to make your own prints larger than 5″x7″ and get excellent quality images you will need the High-Resolution image files.

High-Resolution files (AKA: Hi-Res, Hi Rez) are the largest size digital files available on the images. The actual size of the High-Resolution files will vary depending on whether an image has been cropped. Our standard high-resolution images will be High-Quality JPEG image format with a minimum long side dimension of 2200 – 3600 pixels, and are processed at 300 ppi. They have the most detail and are a must for making larger prints. They are also good if you plan to do your own image retouching.

High Resolution files will give the best quality prints or printing on sizes from about 8″ x 10″ upward to 20″x30″ or larger.  Most people will NOT need the High Resolution files unless they want to do all of their own photographic printing and will want to order large prints, or will need the image for magazine ads, brochures, posters or other lithographic printing, however it is the best way to archive the digital image files from your photo session. You can always print a High-Resolution image at a smaller size, but you can not print low resolution images larger without a major loss of quality.