You can certainly do your own makeup and hair

However, unless you have experience doing makeup for photography, DIY makeup, Do it Yourself Makeup, is not recommended.

To get the best results Makeup and Hair is included in our sessions. The session cost is the same no matter who does the makeup. Christiné will still assist the shoot, help you with the wardrobe and styling and monitor hair and makeup in case of problems during the session and will .

If you are hiring us to make great photos you should have great makeup and hair. Unless you are an experienced and talented makeup artist accustomed to doing makeup for still photography you probably would be doing yourself a disservice.

Doing a “natural” look, or a “no makeup” look requires the best skills of a professional makeup artists.

Professional makeup is not just for glamorous or fashion looks.  We shoot with very high resolution cameras… and studio lighting.  What looks pretty good on an iPhone, or on YouTube most often does not translate to large high resolution images with studio lighting. Every flaw in your makeup application will be very visible.

I like making great looking photos and there are many who think they do their own makeup well enough — but — they don’t. Christiné knows my lighting and how to get the right balance for the looks the client wants. She uses high quality products that she has tested and used many times. Unlike in real life or even TV or video, makeup for still photos must withstand the unlimited and detailed scrutiny of every viewer… and every imperfection is there forever…. looking back at you every time.

We can retouch bad makeup… but…

Retouching bad makeup can be costly and must be done on every shot… and it is not a simple (or inexpensive) process, and only some things can be easily fixed. Poor foundation color matches, uneven lips, are fairly easy but clumpy lashes, sloppy eye liner, over done highlighting and shading is not so easy.  And those issues will be on every shot… it can get expensive to fix more than a few shots… usually more than what the makeup artist would cost. DIY makeup and hair is not recommended.

Makeup for high fashion and glamour photography is very different than street makeup.

If you are choosing us for our glamour and fashion photography it is probably because you like our work. Christiné’s makeup and hair styling is on 98% of the photos on our website. It will guarantee that you look your best and her help on the set keeping an eye out for problems is invaluable. I can only notice so many things when shooting and Christiné helps look out for hair doing weird things, smeared lipstick, and wardrobe problems as well.

If doing your own makeup and hair you must come with makeup and hair finished and ready to go.

There will be a small amount of time in between lighting changes and setups for you to change clothes and make makeup and hair changes, but it all comes out of your scheduled time.