A Mercedes and a Ford Fiesta are both cars but very different.

Deluxe Custom Photo Books and the Economy Photo Book are as different as they are the same.

Both Photobooks have the same photography and retouch work (if ordered), Both are a nice way to keep your personal photos, private, away from prying eyes, protected and in perfect condition for posterity.

But that is where the similarity ends. The Deluxe Custom Photo Book allows for double page “centerfold” styles of images with only the tiniest of split where the images merge together. This is a big advantage of the Custom Books as the wide split in the Economy book severely limits the photo layouts in the less expensive book.

The Deluxe Custom Photo Book, especially in the 12″ x 12″ or larger sizes with custom metallic covers look and feel amazing – and it is a much more impressive presentation for the photos than the Economy book.

It is a heavy book with laminated die-cut rounded corner pages, the photos are the pages, they are flush mounted and bound to a center core and there are no borders. They are available also in a metallic paper for a beautiful silky pearlescent look and feel.

Photobooks are a very popular option for Boudoir, or Centerfold and other more intimate styles of photos that are to be both presented and viewed but can also be stored away and only brought out on special occasions…always readily available and looking beautiful.

The 12″x12″ Deluxe Custom Photo Book opens to full double page spreads 12″x24″ in size, bigger and more perfect than Playboy gatefolds and of a much better image quality.

The best is to see and hold the two books, like driving a luxury car the Deluxe Custom Photo Book is the easy winner.