Whatever Your Age, Shape or Size You Will Get Great Photos!

No body is perfect, and if that is what you want we can fix most anything you want in photoshop.  But it is not really necessary. Professional models learn quickly how to work with their strengths and weaknesses. Your selection of wardrobe is very important. If you are worried about your tummy, or stretch marks, love handles or what ever, select lingerie and clothing items for your shoot that hide your middle, but still allow your other assets to shine.

Find Wardrobe that will “Accentuate the Positive and Minimize the Negative”.

Nobody is 100% happy with their figure. Just use your common sense… if your upper arms are heavy and you don’t like it… find things with sleeves to cover the problems… hate your hands? Gloves can look very sexy… neck looking old?…maybe some high collars or chokers,… breasts aren’t where you want them to be?… find a pretty demi-cup or open cup push-up bra or tops that will put them where you want them to be.

Stretch marks, Cellulite, Spider Veins

If you are a mommy with some extra souvenirs and have a loose stomach.. or bad stretch marks, look into waist cinchers, corsets, tops that can be buttoned or tied at the waist… Garter belts can often cover stretch marks in the lower abdomen and can make for very sexy looks with stockings and high heels… stockings can also cover spider veins. Long sleeves can cover skin that has been sun damaged. And..if you have bad cellulite in the thighs? Try mini skirts, or fishnet pantyhose, or little fabric sarong type wraps that cover the offending areas.

When organizing wardrobe, Google is your friend.

Just do searches for what you need,… sexy waist cinchers, push up bras,… fishnet bodysuits…, club wear, stripper clothes, leather, etc. whatever you want it is out there. With the Internet, you can have great outfits delivered to your doorstep and most will package discreetly if asked!  Remember for photos your outfits don’t need to look great just standing in front of the mirror… Move around in the outfits and try different angles, and see what works the best. In your photos, we will find the angles and poses where they work the best…and our lighting makes every body look waaaayy better!

Please be aware most images you will find on the Internet or in magazines are totally photoshopped

No body really looks like that! Everything has been enhanced. A set number of photoshopped images are included or can be added in most of our packages. We offer fully edited and photoshopped images a la carte in all of our different photo sessions! 🙂

Click Here to see top models and high-end ads before and after! Good retouching and photoshop is an important part of the “magic”!

Retouching can fix most anything…

we can re-shape, reduce or eliminate, lines, sags, scars, dark circles, bumps and lumps and lengthen, and enhance or shorten and diminish… whatever you want. We can do as much or as little as you want in the retouching! Stretch marks disappear, bodies can get lifts, reductions, enlargements, slimming, tucks, you name it — with modern photographic tools and artistic capabilities, everything is possible.

If you already look good and don’t need body shaping, enhancements or slimming. our computerized retouching smoothes skin, reduces lines and imperfection and that is included on ALL images at no additional cost.

We can give you the same advantages the celebrities get.

Anyhow, these days it seems it is more important how you look in photos than how you do in real life! 🙂

Go for it, you only live once.