Beautiful  Celebrity Style Photography

By a Husband and Wife Photography and Makeup Team

Most everyone can “take” a decent “selfie” snapshot – but for some things, a “selfie” is not enough.

We have been doing Celebrity Style Photography in Las Vegas for over 30 years. Great photos separate you from the rest of the world. It shows that you care about the image you project. The high-quality digital cameras of today have eliminated most of the concerns people used to have about taking pictures. But how often can the photographic amateur to get that occasional “great shot” capturing the perfect moment with perfect light that can rival those of the pros. Rarely if ever.

As a Premiere Las Vegas Boudoir Photography Studio, we “make” photos the way you want them…

We are John Copeland and  Christiné Copeland and we have been doing Celebrity Style Photography in Las Vegas Since 1994…and for ten years prior in Munich and in Los Angeles.  We create those “great shots” many times, over and over again every time we shoot. We combine beautiful makeup and hair and great photography to give you the look you desire.

Our “Lighting” is always perfect!

It is always designed to make our clients look the best they can look in the style of photography they request. We want to know exactly what it is our clients want to get from the photos we create. We then put together what is needed to get the “great shots” they want and need.

Fashion, Fitness, and Actor and Model Portfolios too…

Whether it be fashion photography for a client who needs to show special features of their garments or one who is selling the “lifestyle” their products represent, or bringing out the musculature of a fitness competitor, the grace of a dancer or an actor’s portfolio and promotional photos – or the finest in sexy, elegant, glamorous boudoir style photos, we will do everything we can to create those “great shots” for our clients.


Photos of women from different headshot and portfolio photography sessions

30 years working together…over 20 in Las Vegas

In today’s economy and competitive marketplace, entertainers and models need the best professional looking photos possible. They need Celebrity Style Photography, high-quality photos that will attract their target audience. We specialize in making women of all ages, shapes, sizes, and ethnicity look their very best. I was schooled as a commercial portrait and product photographer, and photographing “products” to look their best, whether it be a photo of a bottle of wine or a model is what I have done for my entire career. We take our photography, makeup and styling skills and give every client, no matter their gender, age or size the photos the style of photos they have always wanted.

30 years working together…over 20 in Las Vegas

Christiné and I met while I was working as a centerfold photographer for Penthouse and Playboy magazines in Germany in the 1980’s, Our mutual desire to make great photos is the thing that first brought us together. Most people don’t realize but the largest majority of models in magazines like Playboy are NOT professional models, but they are working with photographers, makeup artists and stylist that know how to make them LOOK like professional models.

Photographing women and making them look beautiful, sexy, exciting and alluring is what we do best.

Former Mexican Playboy feature girl, Jannelle needed some special glamorous sexy shots to jump start her local modeling and DJ career. These types of shots are our specialty. Whether in the studio, at your home or business or on location here in Las Vegas, we know what to do, when, why and how

Janelle DJ supreme

Janelle playing with her turntable

Look at Photography Samples in Our Portfolios.

We have 100s of examples of different types of shoots we have done for our clients

Photo of Dark Haired Beauty

Portrait of the Gorgeous Lorie Forman


Christiné’s skill and experience as a makeup artist and hair stylist is invaluable.

Her innate fashion sense combined with my knowledge and experience in photographing and lighting women gives us a great advantage in this area. We also photograph men, and couples in whatever looks or styles you would like. We love to bring out the best of every person, or thing we photograph.


We emphasize the positives, to show off our subject’s best features and then minimize any weaknesses.

Our subjects all look like celebrities in our photos – and they will look and feel like a star! After all, celebrities are just real people – but they have the help of a band of professionals giving them those looks. When I was shooting centerfold models it was my job to photograph what were often very normal looking young women and to make them look like the epitome of the male ideal of a  centerfold dream girl.

Together, Christiné and I helped many of these young women become more aware, confident, and self assured. We work in a low-key, friendly and casual work environment where mutual collaboration brings the best success. We can shoot in most any style our client desires – or if you prefer we can create a style that we feel fits our subject’s special look, persona and professional needs.

“We have been told that we “change lives”

Our clients say they never see themselves the same ever again. Christiné ‘s forté is “Image Makeovers” with her makeup and hair styling changes. Showing the face and figure in its most flattering manner, while keeping the model aware of her positioning and expressions is my job. Nudity is not a problem for us and our nude photography or boudoir style photos will surpass most every expectation. Boudoir Photography in Las Vegas too often bring to mind “over the top tacky” and overdone “glitz” or stale, old-fashioned boudoir studio photography – and that we are not. We do like a bit of glitz, and love classic glamour, but old-fashioned? …not so much.

No pushy selling of high priced prints, or holding your photos hostage…

With us there are no high-pressure sales of expensive prints packages or a push of “up-sales” — we give you high-resolution files of all existing images.

You can make all your own prints if you like.

We do make amazing Photobooks and high end Custom Photo Albums for presenting your photos, but we don’t have to “sell” our work, as it sells itself. We know for many it is the experience of the shoot, and seeing how great they can look, that is one of the most important things to take from the session. We are happy to provide that experience. You will have good time.

Tessa Heard Promotion Photos

Tessa Heard Mrs United States Pageant

We are not a typical Las Vegas Boudoir Photography Studio

…nor are we a “Glamour Shots” franchise chain studio. you will only work with Christiné and me. No assistants, or interns learning at your expense.  Our shoots all offer high-quality makeup and hair and include custom lighting and backdrops to produce the shots you show us that you want to have. A minimal woman’s studio session including the makeup and hair requires about 3 hours. We do all our own editing and retouching on the shoots we do. We make our clients look like celebrities and give them all of the same photographic advantages of the top actors and performers. We don’t use a “sales staff” and you will never be pressured to buy high priced photo packages you don’t need.

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