Classical BUSINESS PORTRAITS are a bit of a blend of your Actor’s and Model’s Commercial and Theatrical Style of Headshots.

Everyday it seems I get something in the mail that have terrible photos of realtors, or photos of lawyers, doctors, dentists, or other professionals. I just don’t understand how someone could invest in printing a promotional advertisement and marketing themselves and their services looking so unprofessional.

Great Business Portraits by Las Vegas Studios are an investment in yourself and your business. Business Portraits should show the subject looking natural and in tune with the image they want to present to the viewer. An iPhone “selfie” just doesn’t make it anymore! The portraits need to show the subject in their “best light”, both photographically and in their personal presentation.

The photos should be technically of high quality and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Subjects will normally wear business attire, and the photos should show a certain “feeling, look, and character” that is expected for someone in their particular business. For example, artists and entertainers might look and dress more creatively, and casual even eccentric, while the photos of doctors, dentists, optometrists, etc. may show them in scrubs or wearing a lab coat and they should look professional as well as caring and kind. Photos of lawyers and politicians should show a compassionate, strong, proud and confident image. Realtor’s business portraits should look friendly, confident, knowledgeable, helpful and outgoing.

MAKEUP AND HAIR for Business Portraits should be natural looking but enhanced for photography. Blemishes should be covered, and any eye circles lightened. Makeup should look clean, fresh, and cheerful with soft warm tones and not heavy and over done. Shine reduced to no more than a healthy “glow” and hair neat but in the style you normally wear.


Whatever your needs, feel free to contact us with any questions.

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Environmental Business Portraits can tell your potential clients more about you than just a simple headshot.

We can come to you at your office, studio, or place of business and photograph you (and your staff or co-workers) at work using your actual surroundings to provide the atmosphere of your business. We can also set up a traditional business style lighting and background portrait setup in your office and give you both the more classical business portraits as well as environmental portraits, and get everyone photographed in one trip.

Location sessions, shot in your office or shop are price effective and convenient

— we can do the execs, sales staff, management and workers in one session… Christine can do touch up makeup and hair, maintaining everyone’s natural look while giving them a great healthy look that will give your business the professional look and image so important in today’s competitive marketplace.


Las Vegas Law firm group photo
Environmental Portrait of Interior Designer Jan Kepler

Environmental Portrait of Interior Designer Jan Kepler

Group shots can be very effective in showing the public you are a substantial business with a variety of specialists trained in their specific genres. Get everyone together and we’ll find a place to shoot them. We can do everyone individually in classic styles, at work in environmental portraits and group shots..

BUSINESS – GLAMOUR Combination Headshot Sessions can give you the best best of both worlds!

Something very popular with the business women we photograph is to do a double session – giving a traditional high quality classical business portrait and then do a Glamour, Boudoir, or Fashion style session as well.You get completely different looks – one for your business and one for you, or someone special.

MAKEUP AND HAIR for this session is very important!

The two makeup styles, like the lighting and photography styles are quite different. We normally do the business shot first and then Christiné will change the makeup and hair and we will do the glamour style of lighting.


Whatever your needs, feel free to contact us with any questions.

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