Boudoir Photography and Sexy Glamour Photos For Women
of all ages, sizes and ethnicities

Photos from Hotel Room Boudoir Photography Session

Photos from a 1 hour Boudoir Photography Package with Beautiful Young Model in SLS Hotel room in Las Vegas


boudoir photography, glamour and fashion photos by las vegas studios
A composite image of many Actor Model and Entertainers Style Photos
A Top Photography Studio in Las Vegas
A Top Photography Studio in Las Vegas


We specialize in contemporary boudoir photography, glamour,
fashion, fitness, portraits and headshots.

We are a husband and wife photo production team
in Las Vegas since 1994 and have worked together as a team for over 30 years.

Why You Should Shoot With Us

Penthouse Special Edition

Penthouse Special Edition – The Best of John Copeland

Twenty years shooting centerfolds  for Penthouse, Playboy and more

I was a staff photographer for the US and German editions of Penthouse magazine and the German edition of Playboy, and Christiné did all of my makeup and hair, so our clients benefit from our 20 years working together.   We did hundreds of centerfold, covers and feature layouts during the 1980 and 1990s.

We never stopped creating beautiful, esthetic, glamorous, sexy photos of women… even when the magazines did. For the last 20 years, we have photographed hundreds of actors, models, entertainers, fitness competitors, executives, and normal people, for their own private use or the promotion of their businesses.


Playboy covers, Penthouse covers by Photographer John Copeland

Playboy, Penthouse and other men’s magazine covers from the 1980s  and 1990s

“We know what boys like” and our boudoir photography shows our subjects in their very best light.

The man in your life will be happy that you shot with us! You will get both of our eyes and both of our skills. We give both a male and a female insight into your photos so your boudoir photography shows you in the very best light.

Boudoir picture of a pretty blonde laying on bed of white sheets

“White Sheets Boudoir”, soft, warm light… a client favorite, with Erika

It is very important for us to give our clients the type of photos they want…
What would you like to do?

We always want to get a feeling for their tastes and likes of our clients therefore we try to get as much information as possible. If we have the information we  can direct our session in a way that will come closest to their dream photos. I do most of my own post production and control everything from shoot to the final products. We can make great wall art photo prints, amazing custom photo books and albums or you can do them all yourself. Because we include high-resolution files with all of our shoots, you have the ability to save hundreds of dollars doing your own printing.

We Love Shooting Mature Boudoir

We offer a variety of basic types of photo sessions

While our basic photo sessions and packages will cover most needs, we can design shoots specifically to our clients’ wants and desires. Whether a family or business portrait, actor’s headshots, modeling portfolios, entertainer’s promotional photos, website content, or a personal centerfold or boudoir photo session, we do everything we can to give great images that will benefit your business, career, personal life, and self-confidence.


Boudoir Pricing Info


Sexy Boudoir Outdoor in Nature

Sexy Boudoir Outdoor in Nature

Six Photo Composite of pretty blonde young woman in country ranch setting

Outdoor Boudoir Photo Session shot at Eldorado Ranch outside of Las Vegas

Karen Marie out at Nelson

Karen Marie out at Nelson

We love shooting on location, Hotel Shoots indoors and outside as well

We have a very well equipped studio, but I love shooting on location, indoors and outside as well as in the studio.

I work with every kind of light; natural, strobe, quartz and tungsten light, pure, and mixed, and have full complement of studio lighting equipment and most every type of light modifier I could possibly ever need.

We have a lot of different backgrounds and settings available and it allows for multiple setups and the ability to get a great variety of professional looking images in fairly short shoot times.

I shoot with the Canon, using mainly the 70-200 2.8 and 24-70 2.8 as my primary lenses, and use Canon 600ex speedlights for smaller location shoots, and event photography,

We have great Prices on Boudoir Photo Sessions!

We are not an old style photo studio. We never just give you “Proofs” and then charge a bundle if you want prints or the high-resolution digital files. You get high-resolution files on everything, and we give you printing rights! It is clear and in writing, right in your booking agreement.

You won’t have your photos held hostage until you pay additional fees. In most cases, you will have all your photos within 72 hours .

Everything you are paying for, and exactly what is included is in writing, and there are no surprise charges.

Boudoir Photoshoot Pricing Info

Don’t let the days when you are “looking your best” be limited to bad selfies!

If you are an “over 30”, “over 40” gym rat who takes pride in keeping her body in shape there is no better time to document all that hard work than right now. Our fitness photography is state of the art with lighting to show off all of your hard work and make you look amazing.  Still not quite where you want to be?  Come back in a year and we can do it again.

Boudoir Photography with Karen_Marie-Taylor-

Boudoir Photography – of Karen Marie. B&W with soft pastel colors

Christiné is the best makeup artist
I have ever worked with.

She is known for doing glamorous faces, but we can also provide excellent portrait and people photos services of all types including business and lifestyle portraiture, wedding photography, party photography, and special events.

I had already been shooting for magazines for 8 years when we met, and right from the beginning, I knew she would be a perfect makeup artist for me to work with. She is not only skilled and talented, but she is also very conscientious and dedicated to doing the best work possible on every job she does.

View Christiné's Website

It is more than just doing the makeup and hair

The models and clients always love Christine and I know they will be in a good mood when we start our shoot. She is very generous of her time and her knowledge.

Since our first days together I have watched as she worked and trained, styling hair for hours on end. She never stops learning. Styling hair for photography is a skill not taught in cosmetology school or working in a salon and makeup is barely covered in cosmetology schools. Her type of skill comes from doing, and we have been doing photoshoots together for many years.

We are animal lovers, and Christiné avoids cosmetic companies that do animal testing and use cruelty-free products whenever possible. These days with science and technology as there is really no need to use animals for product testing.

Christiné has done 99% of all the makeup and hair in this site and in her own website HERE.

Boudoir Photo Collage of the Beautiful Serena!

Boudoir Photo Collage of the Beautiful Serena!

Book a shoot with us!
You will be happy you did.

Bedroom Boudoir Photo Collage of Miss Nina James

Bedroom Boudoir Photo Collage of Miss Nina James

Glamour Photography, Boudoir, Centerfolds, Pinup and more….

We have great careers, and love making our clients look beautiful and sexy! The looks and styles are always changing and we are influenced by both the older classic styles of pinup photography as well as the modern and dynamic fashion looks of today. Every shoot and every client brings us something new and fresh, with their own ideas, their own styles, and their own faces and figures…. We just try to show them as they want to see themselves, and as we see them…. using all of the makeup, hair, lighting and other techniques we have available.

Sexy Glamor and Boudoir Photography in Las Vegas is a part of the culture of the city.

From the early days of gangsters and showgirls, the topless revues and the risque shows, to today’s multi-million dollar venues, starring the biggest names in music. Glamourous pictures and sexy images are synonymous with Las Vegas. The glitz and flash are visible everywhere. Visitors come from all over the world to partake in gambling, partying, and entertainment. So why not take a bit of the glamour and fun back home with you? Come to see us and do a high end, classy, elegant glamour or boudoir photoshoot.


Tell us what you would like to do!