Boudoir Glamour and Fitness Photography in Las Vegas

 Fitness Glamour and Boudoir Photography in Las Vegas

Fitness photoshoots by John Copeland and makeup and hair by Christiné Copeland

Doing some fitness cover shots in Las Vegas photography studio with Amanda Delaurier


We are John Copeland and Christiné Copeland. We are a husband and wife photo production team, and we are

We are specializing in contemporary glamour, fashion, fitness and boudoir photography in Las Vegas, and have worked together for over 30 years.lake-bed-shoot-1-2

20 years shooting centerfolds for Penthouse and Playboy

Our clients benefit from our 20 years working together while I was a staff photographer for the US and German editions of Penthouse magazine and the German edition of Playboy.  We did hundreds of centerfold, covers and feature layouts during the 1980 and 1990s and have never stopped even when the magazines did. “We know what boys like” and our boudoir photography shows our subjects in their very best light. The man in your life will be happy you shot with us!

“We know what boys like” and our boudoir photography shows our subjects in their very best light.

We collaborate with our clients on their likes, their tastes, needs, concepts and styles and then use our many years of experience and skills to give them the photos and looks they have always wanted. I do the photography, editing, retouch work and web designing and email support while Christiné, does the makeup, hair, phone and other aspects of our  business and our lives.  We have a wonderful dog and two cats and we love our lives.

002-behind-the-scenes-200pxWe began working together in 1985 while I was a staff photographer for Penthouse magazine working in Munich for the German edition of Penthouse magazine. Later when I moved to the German Playboy magazine, I hired her to work for me doing makeup and hair and as a personal assistant. We became very close and were married in 1987. Our strengths and knowledge compliment the other’s. It has worked well for us for many years now and is a big advantage for us and for our clients.

A top photographer in Las Vegas since 1994

We have lived and worked in Las Vegas since June of 1994, when we moved here from Los Angeles and set up a commercial photo studio in what is now Chinatown.John Copeland and Christine Copeland-1 Our business, FOTO LOOK INTERNATIONAL goes back to the late 1980’s in Los Angeles. We are licensed and insured. We are equally comfortable and capable whether shooting indoors or out, in the studio, or at your location, or in the Las Vegas Strip Hotels. In our many years together we have worked on all kinds of photographic assignments.

We offer a variety of basic types of photo sessions that will cover most needs, and we can design shoots specifically to our clients needs. Whether a family or business portrait, actor’s head shots, modeling portfolios, entertainer’s promotional photos, website content, or a personal centerfold or boudoir photo session, we do everything we can to give great images that will benefit your business, career, personal life and self confidence.

Mature Glamour? Mature Boudoir? Mature Fitness?  Absolutely!

Not as thin as you once were? Having kids has changed your body. No worries.  All of our sessions include fully edited and retouched images and the rights to have them printed yourself where ever you want! No high pressure print package sales… You get high resolution files with no watermark or studio imprints with every session.

You are never too old for great glamorous and sexy boudoir photography.

You will love your session, and you will look and feel beautiful and sexy!  Many of our clients are in their 40s, 50s and even in their 60s. We recently did an amazing 55 page Playboy style photo book on a beautiful 69 year old bombshell! We know and understand the needs of older women (we are not kids ourselves!).  Makeup on more mature women can not be applied the same as on a 20 year old, and our lighting is very forgiving and retouching can bring back the youthful looks many think might be gone forever.  If you are an “over 30”, “over 40” gym rat who takes pride in keeping her body in shape there is no better time to document all that hard work than right now. Our fitness photography is state of the art with lighting to show off all of your hard work and make you look amazing.  Still not quite where you want to be?  Come back in a year and we can do it again.

Glamour, fashion and fitness photography is our specialty,

Christine has a makeup portfolio beyond compare. She is famous for her glamorous faces, but we can also provide excellent portrait and people photos services of all types including business and lifestyle portraiture, wedding photography, party photography, and special events.

studio_lights-2We have a very well equipped studio, but I love shooting on location, indoors and outside as well as in the studio. I work with every kind of light; natural, strobe, quartz and tungsten light, pure, and mixed, and have full compliment of studio lighting equipment with 14 studio flash heads and most every type of light modifier I could possibly ever need. We have a lot of different backgrounds and settings available and it allows for multiple setups and the ability to get a great variety of professional looking images in fairly short shoot times. I shoot with the Canon 5d MKIII using mainly the 70-200 2.8 IS II and 24-70 2.8 as my primary lenses, and use Canon 600ex speedlites for smaller location shoots, events and wedding photography,

It is really important to us to give our clients the shots they want… Ask us for a Price Quote

We always want to get a feeling for their tastes and likes so we can direct our session in a way that will come closest to their dream photos. I do most of my post production and control everything from shoot to final product. I have in-house printing for sizes up to 13×19 and can take care of most any need our clients have at very competitive pricing.


Christiné is simply the best glamour makeup artist I have ever worked with.

Christiné has done 99% of all the makeup and hair in our online portfolios. Her own website is HERE. I had already been shooting for magazines for 8 years when we met, and right from the beginning I knew she would be a perfect makeup artist for me to work with. She is not only skilled and talented, she is very conscientious and dedicated to doing the best work possible on every job she does. The models and clients always love her and I know they will be in a good mood when we start our shoot. Since our first days together I have watched as she worked and trained, styling hair for hours on end. She never stops learning. Styling hair for photography is a skill not taught in cosmetology school or working in a salon and makeup is barely covered in cosmetology schools. Her type of skill comes from continual repetition and we have been doing photoshoots together for many years.

We are animal lovers, and Christiné avoids cosmetic companies that do animal testing and use cruelty free products whenever possible. These days with science and technology as there is really no need to use animals for product testing.

Book a shoot with us! You will be happy you did.