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We are a Husband and Wife Photography and Makeup Team

and we are one of the Best Las Vegas Photography Studios


35 years working together… Married for 32 years…

We are John Copeland and  Christiné Copeland and we have one of the very Best Photography Studios in Las Vegas  Since 1994…and for ten years prior in Munich, Germany and in Los Angeles.  We work to create great shots many times, over and over again every time we shoot. We combine beautiful makeup and hair and great photography to give our clients the look they desire. 

Christiné and I met while I was working as a staff photographer for Penthouse and Playboy magazines in Germany in the 1980’s. Our mutual desire to make great photos is the thing that first brought us together. Most people don’t realize but the largest majority of models in magazines like Playboy are NOT professional models, but they are working with photographers, makeup artists and stylists that know how to make them LOOK like professional models.

– Why WORK with us?

— You will have a fun experience and get great photos that you will treasure for a lifetime.

— Our Photography and Makeup experience is exceptional. We have pretty much seen and done it all.

— We personally do the shoots — no assistants, interns or high school photo students.

— Christiné is a real, full-time, Professional Makeup Artist and she knows what looks good. Visit Her Website

— We do custom setups designed for the look and style YOU want for your photos. Just show us what you like.

— You will know you are working with one of the Best Photography Studios in Las Vegas.




It’s the “Lighting”… the Direction, and the Experience, the Knowledge, and the Subject… and, and and…

Photography sessions are designed to make our clients look the best they can look in the style of photography they want, with affordable pricing. We want to know exactly what it is our clients want to get from the photos we create. We then plan out what is needed to get the “great shots” they want and need.

MORE REASONS TO Shoot with us

— All photos are color and contrast controlled, cropped and have computerized skin smoothing.

— You can download ANY and  ALL the existing digital photos from your session in high-resolution

— You get the rights to print photos yourself. (This alone is an additional +/- $500 at some studios)

— Photos are normally ready to download in 24-72 hours. (Full Day sessions may take longer)

— All your photos can be viewed and downloaded from your galleries in the comfort of your home.

— Download in multiple digital sizes, from web to high-resolution – without any watermarks.

— No inconvenient and time consuming “Viewing (Ordering) Sessions” a week or so after the shoot.

— No high-pressure “Sales Sessions” …Ever…

It’s the “Makeup”… and the Hair, and Christiné’s Talent, and Her Skills, and Her Attitude… and, and and…

We do not give our clients the chance to be nervous. The only difference between models and actors and the rest of us is that they know you have to “play” when you are in front of the camera. By the time you leave Christiné’s makeup chair you are comfortable, at ease and “ready for your close up” 🙂


— Need Photoshopping? Want Perfection? We do great Photoshop work at a price below industry standards.

— All our High Quality Prints, and Custom Designed Photo Books and Albums, are Amazing and a great deal too!

— You can have your prints made where you like, you get the digital files — or order them direct  from your galleries at our photo lab at excellent prices.

Compare our print prices with other studios!

4×6 ………………………………. $4.99
5×7 ………………………………. $5.99
8×10 …………………………….. $10.99
8×12 ……………………………… $17.99
10×15 ……………………………. $17.99
11×14 …………………………… $22.99

Boudoir, Glamour, Fashion and More…

Whether it be fashion photography for a client who needs to show special features of their garments or one who is selling the “lifestyle” their products represent, or bringing out the shape, form, and musculature of a fitness competitor, the grace of a dancer, an actor’s portfolio, promotional photos, or the finest in sexy, elegant, glamorous boudoir style photos, we will do everything we can to create “great shots” for our clients. We are the best photo studio in Las Vegas for Glamour, Centerfold Style and Boudoir Photography.

Our Fitness Photos Show How Hard You Have Worked

I have been a physique photographer my whole career. Making bodies look their best has been important ever since my early days as a Centerfold Photographer. Fitness Photoshoots were a natural transition and I have been doing a lot of Fitness and Bodybuilding shoots for the last 9 years. People in Fitness are in tune with their bodies and soul and make for great subjects and they know how important their image is.

Portraits, Headshots and more Portraits – From Headshots for Actors, Models and Entertainers

to Business Headshots for Entrepreneurs, Executives, CEOs and their Employees

We customize headshots and portraits to fit your needs or your specific requests.

As ONE of The best las vegas photography studios, we “create” your photos in the styles you want…

We specialize in making women of all ages, shapes, sizes, and ethnicity look their best. Christiné is a very talented makeup artist and I was schooled as a commercial portrait and product photographer. Photographing “products” to look their best, whether it be a photo of a bottle of wine or a model.  It is what I have done for my entire career.

We take our photography, makeup, and styling skills and give every client, no matter their gender, age or size the style of photos they have always wanted and need. In today’s competitive marketplace with social media, everyone, and especially those in business need the best professional looking photos possible. Photos for dating sites like Match.com, eHarmony, and the rest are just as important. High-quality photos will attract their target audience and show that they care.